Black Friday: The American Tradition Around the World

America’s time honored tradition of celebrating the day after Thanksgiving by standing in long lines and fighting other people for merchandise is upon us.  Whether you plan on spending this day at home shopping online, or you are one of the brave thousands who go to brick and mortar stores, Black Friday is the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday

It’s also a tradition that’s been adopted by countries around the world.  While Thanksgiving is proprietary to America, that hasn’t stopped retailers from utilizing Black Friday to give discounts across the globe.  International examples of this can be seen in:

·    Romania: This Eastern European country has been celebrating Black Friday since 2011 when a company called eMag imported the tradition.  Eleven million people celebrate these deals each year.  In a country where the total population is around twenty million, that is certainly an impressive percentage.

·    United Kingdom: Black Friday in the UK used to be reserved for the Friday before Christmas.  It was the last weekend before the big day; a last chance to get your shopping done.  In the early 2010s, with the expansion of Amazon and other online retailers however, celebrating Black Friday with Americans has become much more prevalent. 

·    Canada: Back when Canadian money was at its strongest (2000s and 2010s), Canadian retailers wanted to keep that money in circulation within their own country.  They wanted to prevent Canadians along the border from crossing over and stimulating the American economy with their hard earned cash.  So they began offering discounts of their own in an attempt to keep the money domestic.

·    Netherlands: In 2015, several Dutch retailers jumped on the bandwagon and began offering Black Friday sales to their customers.  It isn’t anywhere near on the scale as it has grown to in other countries, and it doesn’t appear as if it will become a national holiday any time soon.  Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity for the natives to snag some great deals.

·    Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: A German company called Black Friday Sale is a warehouse type website that offers Black Friday deals to these countries.  It allows other companies to sell through their website and find a larger customer base.  They aren’t open only on Black Friday though.  This site offers deals throughout the year.  Black Friday simply has the biggest discounts and most revenue.

These are just a few of the countries around the world that have embraced America’s national day of awesome discounts.  So while you’re out there standing in the cold, waiting to get your hands on the newest hot ticket item, just remember that you’re taking part in a global tradition that is uniquely American.  That should be enough to warm your heart for a little while.

Best of luck this Friday!  Don’t forget to check out the many Black Friday resources online that will show you where the best deals are located.  Be sure to save some money for Cyber Monday as well.  And don’t forget about Giving Tuesday.